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Where to Eat

Cretan nutrition needs no introduction. Dozens of studies have highlighted its exceptional nutritional value and the numerous salutary products of the island. Extra virgin olive oil, herbs, honey and wild greens, to name just a few of the gifts of the Cretan land.

In the villages of its heartland you will find authentic taverns, true ambassadors of the famous Cretan hospitality, which serve traditional dishes prepared with in-season, pure ingredients. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste in-season wild greens as a salad or in pies, fried snails (hohlioi boubouristi) or with cracked wheat (hondros), dakos (traditional barley rusk) and fresh salads in summer, apaki (traditional cured ham) and sausages in winter, local lamb Antikristo or goat, premium olive oil-based dishes and of course local wine!



The city of Heraklion, being the capital of the island, offers more food options for all tastes and occasions. Apart from traditional Cretan cuisine, you will find exquisite restaurants, taverns and rakadika (small cafés serving the famous local spirit (raki) along with small traditional appetizers).

Are you in a hurry to visit all tourist attractions but you are short on time? At Kallergon Square and near the Morosini Fountain (known as Lions Square) there are plenty of choices for “fast” food and more! Remember to savour traditional bougatsa or the famous “Heraklion gyros” in any of the many establishments of the area which serve gyros

Make a stop for a cold raki with a small appetizer at one of the numerous rakadika of the Old Market, where you can also buy local vegetables and in-season fruits as well as very good cheese! You will also find many rakadika at the alleys near the temples of Agios Minas and Agios Titos. For those keener on more low-key and “alternative” choices, there are many small taverns and rakadika at the historic quarters of Lakkos and Agia Triada.

Enjoy fresh fish and seafood at the fish taverns of the beachfront which offer great views of the sea and the Venetian harbour. If you are looking for something more “formal” you will be pleased to find out that the city centre offers many local and international cuisine restaurants with an appealing atmosphere and premium wines.

Finally, you may always opt for the municipal catering establishments, for tasty appetizers and snacks at affordable prices and unrestricted views of the city’s most important monuments!



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