Plan HERe

Museum of Christian Art


The “Saint Catherine of Sinai” Museum of Christian Art is housed at the cruciform Temple of Saint Catherine which is located at the very heart of Heraklion, near both the former and the current Metropolis (orthodox equivalent of a Cathedral) of Heraklion (Agios Minas).  

The permanent exhibition of the museum is dedicated mainly to the Cretan ecclesiastical art (14th - 19th centuries). Among numerous important exhibits we find icons by two major icon painters of the Cretan School of Icon-Painting, Angelos Akotantos (early 15th century) and Michael Damaskenos (16th century). Moreover, the museum collection comprises frescoes, stone-carving and wood-carving artefacts, post-Byzantine metalworking and miniature art, coins, religious artefacts, vestments, embroidery, manuscripts and paleotypes.