Plan HERe


The roots of Cretan folklore are traced well back in time. The island’s folk tradition is characterised by multiculturalism and by a powerful connection to the existing social and natural environment. Local habits and customs, artistic events, all kinds of folk art, dances, music and traditions are key elements of local popular culture. 

The numerous agritourism enterprises of Crete play an important role in maintaining, promoting and enhancing traditional products and the island’s natural beauty. Learn more about the island’s existing agritourism enterprises, certified Cretan nutrition restaurants and Cretan products through the following associations and initiatives:      Agrοnutritional cooperation of the Region of Crete

The «Agrοnutritional cooperation of the Region of Crete», is a specialized body, and constitutes the main implementation tool for the strategic plan for the development and upgrading of the Agronutritional sector on the island. Apart from the main partner which is the Region of Crete, the company’s partners include private companies operating in the Agronutritional sector of Crete, chambers, groups of producers and unions of agricultural cooperatives.

For additional information visit the following webpages:Rural Tourism & Agritourism Union of Crete

The Rural Tourism & Agritourism Union of Crete presents certified owners of agritourism enterprises in Crete who are committed in developing tourist infrastructures through low environmental impact interventions and in offering hospitality, catering and touring services and a revival of the traditional way of life. At the same time they aim at introducing traditional art forms to the public, promoting Cretan gastronomy, age-old agricultural production and cultivation methods, as well as traditional art forms that have disappeared. Particular emphasis is given to the adoption of a comprehensive marketing strategy for local agricultural products and artefacts and to the provision of valid information on the Cretan countryside, the overall rural area, the agricultural activities, the cultural life, the history, the region’s genuine characteristics, the local products, the traditional cuisine and the everyday life of the rural population of Crete.