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Walking along the Coastal Avenue


The coastal zone of the city, which starts from the imposing sea fortress of Koules in the east and ends at the modern facilities of the Pancretan Stadium in the west, offers a unique walk by the Cretan shoreline.
By walking along the seaward fortification of the Venetian city, you will find the ruins of the Venetian church of Santa Catarina and the restored Temple of Saint Peter with its monastery. Next, history enthusiasts can visit the Historical Museum of Crete, which houses exhibits of the Cretan history from the Byzantine period to the present. You will then reach the Natural History Museum, which is an ideal choice for families with children.
The walk along the coastal front outside the walls which delimit the old town with the Agios Andreas bastion and the remnants of the Gate of the same name, would lead you to specially designed recreation and walking areas for all ages, playgrounds, skate parks, cycle lanes and green areas.