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Heraklion Sailing Club


The Heraklion Sailing Club has been active for more than 25 years in nautical sports and has managed to broaden its horizons so as to become a sport and leisure option for all regardless of their age, sex, occupation and financial status.

As a children-oriented club and as a member of the Hellenic Sailing Federation it has a significant children and teenagers’ triangle sailing racing team and competes in regional and national championships, being the strongest sailing club of Crete and one of the strongest of the region of the Aegean islands. At the same time, it is constantly welcoming new members from the age of 7 to its sailing school.

It also welcomes adults who love to travel, the sea and sports in nature, offering them the opportunity to learn about maritime art, about how to apply fundamental rescue principles and about meteorology, and everything else deemed necessary in order to travel safely on a sailing boat, as captains or as crew members.

Thus, an opportunity is given not only to acquire the open sea diploma but also to promote knowledge and companionship onboard so that they could participate in excursions and to compete in open sea races organized by the club.

In parallel with the aforementioned educational and sports activities, the Heraklion Sailing Club brings together all its members by organising social and recreational events, promoting teamwork, collaboration and social interaction. Thus, the club has become a reference point for the social life of its members and of their families. At a time when the "haunt" has become a bittersweet reminiscence for the grown-ups and is unknown to the youth, being a member of the Heraklion Sailing Club helps you find a place that will inspire you to create new friendships, enjoy the thrill of team effort and value the importance of nature and ecology, two concepts which are intrinsically linked to sailing. 


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Heraklion Sailing Club

Palaio Psigeio (old refrigeration plant), Port of Heraklion

Heraklion Crete