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Excibition Ν. Kazantzakis

“Ν. Kazantzakis AN ODYSSEY” at the GATE OF JESUS

Nikos Kazantzakis, one of the most famous novelists in the world, whose works have been translated into more than thirty languages, was born in Heraklion in 1883 and died in 1957 in Freiburg, Germany. Near the tomb of N. Kazantzakis, in the restored Venetian Gate of Jesus, you will find a showroom dedicated to our writer, an ODYSSEY - a modern gate, a journey to his life and works. The photographic and archival material of the exhibition is part of the collections of the Historical Museum of Crete and the Nikos Kazantzakis Museum in Myrtia.

The Gate of Jesus of Khándax is an entrance to Nikos Kazantzakis’ world and an opportunity to find out more about his multifaceted personality. The Martinengo curtain wall, an ideal area for recollection and rest next to the tomb of the great thinker...Walk and stroll around…
The project EQUIPMENT PROCUREMENT FOR THE PERMANENT EXHIBITION “Ν. KAZANTZAKIS AN ODYSSEY”, ACTION “SUPPORT – RESTORATION AND ENHANCEMENT OF THE FAÇADE OF THE GATE OF JESUS FACING THE OLD CITY”, INTEGRATED SUSTAINABLE URBAN DEVELOPMENT PLAN OF HERAKLION MUNICIPALITY “Heraklion, each step…a journey into history”, was implemented by the Municipality under the Operational Programme “Crete and the Aegean Islands”, “NSRF 2007 -2013” and was co-financed by the  European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).