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Despite being an island, Crete’s strong points are not just its crystal clear sea and exotic beaches. The heartland of Crete combines imposing mountains, rich ecosystems, traditional villages and countless gorges and caves. Crete is defined by three major mountain ranges: the White Mountains (Lefka Ori), Mount Dikti and, of course, Psiloritis, the highest mountain on the island (2456 m). In the mountains of Crete you will find well-equipped mountain refuges located in a beautiful landscape which are ideal for hiking, skiing and even snowboarding!

In Heraklion prefecture in particular you can visit and stay (following prior arrangement) at the Prinos mountain refuge near the village of Ano Asites, at an altitude of 1100m on the eastern slopes of Psiloritis. Heraklion Municipality features clubs you could become member of and follow experienced guides and nature lovers to the most beautiful trails on the island:


Mountaineering Club of Heraklion

Trekking Club of Heraklion

Heraklion Association of Nature Lovers