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Local Products

Local Products

The best way to never forget your visit to Heraklion is to buy the extraordinary products of our land. Herbs, renowned wines, tasty cheese and a great variety of local products and souvenir options awaits you! 

You will find the best wines, raki, honey, pastries and other local products in Heraklion city centre, as well as in special places in the island’s heartland (wineries, cooperatives, etc.). Be sure to taste the famous Cretan gruyere at one of the shops in the old market. Discover the healing properties and the intense flavour of the dittany, the mountain tea and the sage in one of the many herb shops of the city centre. Buy traditional xinohondros (a mixture of cracked hard wheat and sour sheep’s milk) cream and traditional rusk and prepare Cretan recipes in your kitchen.

If you are fond of hand-woven textiles, Cretan knives and other popular art items, make sure you visit 25th August Street, the old market and the alleys around Agios Minas. For the history enthusiasts, a visit to the bookstore of the “Vikelaia” Municipal Library and the souvenir shop of the Archaeological and the Historical Museums is a must. Moreover, in the Natural History Museum you will find original and "playful" souvenirs for all ages.

Heraklion's open-air markets are the best way to get to know and buy local products directly from the producers. The largest open-air market of the city takes place every Saturday in Pateles, while every Monday, Wednesday and Friday an outdoor market for certified organic products takes place in Georgiadis Park. Apart from in-season fruits and vegetables, you can find wild greens, herbs, sea salt, honey and other handmade creations. 

Open-air market locations: Days and streets within Heraklion Municipality 



Kandanou Street, Apteron Street and part of Theokritou Street, at the neighbourhood of Kaminia (3rd Municipal Community).


Irodotou Street and Em. Alexandri Street which meet Balali Street and Anagenniseos Street, at the neighbourhood of N. Alikarnassos


Iolis Street, Aridaias Street at the neighbourhood of Ag. Ioannis - Mesampelies (4th Municipal Community) 


Megalou Alexandrou Street at the neighbourhood of Atsalenio (4th Municipal Community) and Konstantinoupoleos and Lefkosias Streets alongside Hristomichali Xilouri Street (3rd Municipal Community. 


Lidakis lot (alongside Itanou Street), at the neighbourhood of Pateles/ Kipoupoli (2nd Municipal Community).    


Petrakogiorgi and Polichronaki Streets, at the neighbourhood of Therissos (4th Municipal Community). 


Lidakis lot (alongside Itanou Street), at the neighbourhood of Pateles/ Kipoupoli (2nd Municipal Community).