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Μοrosini Fountain (Lions Square)

One of the most famous fountains of Heraklion and a reference point for both its residents and visitors, Morosini Fountain is currently one of the most beautiful monuments of the city. It was built by the Provveditore Generale Francesco Morosini in 1628, who, using a rather complex - at the time - pipeline system, managed to bring water from the springs of Archanes to the thirsty city of Khándax. The octalobe cistern was placed on a special base and was decorated with bas-relief mythological representations and sea creatures, such as mermen, dolphins, and various coats of arms, while water was pouring from the mouths of the four lions.

The top of the fountain was dominated by a supernatural statue of Poseidon, which, however, collapsed, probably during an earthquake. During Ottoman rule, the fountain underwent a rather poor re-configuration and a cage-like structure was placed around it which was subsequently removed.  


Κρήνη Morozini